The Kootenays, a Canadian Sport Region


Every year more adventure seekers are choosing Backcountry ski touring. What drives more and more outdoor enthusiast to the backcountry? Fact is that there are many risks and hard work involved with Backcountry skiing.  While there are, more and more people heading for this type of thrill, being in a healthy physical state is a must. It is essential that Backcountry skiers are equipped with great knowledge of how to handle backcountry hazards such as avalanche, glacier traversing, sudden weather change, rockslides, icefalls and many more issues.

But besides of conquering all these issues and must have knowledge, there is a certain energy that ignites the passion of backcountry ski touring for so many adrenalin seekers.

Is it to find the perfect powder snow?  Is it to find the freedom of being outdoors celebrating a most needed time with Mature Nature? It is to be active in a most stunning scenery of endless mountain peaks and valleys covered in snow?

Some opinions are for certain: Backcountry ski touring is to create a passion to absorb what Nature can give and does to humans in its most humbled way. It is the addiction to an outside force giving the feeling of being alive.  

Opportunities to do single day hikes or multiple day hikes are plenty in the many Canadian Mountain Ranges from the Coastal Mountains to the Selkirks, Monashees, Purcell and Rocky Mountains.

While there are many options, some of the most famous and epic tours are Rogers Pass, Bonningtons Traverse, Kokanee Glacier Park, Rossland Range, Wapta Traverse and Kananaskis Country.

Canada's most beautiful National Parks such as Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Glacier and Kootenay offer amazing terrain.

With a certified backcountry guide you can explore all the spectacular climbs and descents on some of the most incredible terrain there is in ski touring.


Backcountry Ski touring Huts in the Kootenays


Sport Destinations

Many small and larger towns in the Kootenays offer recreation, activities, hospitality comfort and impressive nature scenes that you will not forget. Read more about these fascinating places in the Canada sports region: