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The Canadian Rockies

Majestic, dramatic and breathtaking are the countless Peaks that are home in the Canadian Rockies. Mountains such as Mount Robson, located in the Mount Robson Provincial Park, or Snow Dome with its Dome Glacier, located in the Columbia Icefields are reaching far over 3,000 meters. Just to view the Canadian Rockies is an adventure itself. It is an overwhelming experience, recognizing the enormous Nature's strength, used to form the Canadian Rockies.

The Canadian Rockies National Parks

Five National Parks are located within the Canadian Rockies, four of which interlock and make up the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage site. These four Parks are Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho. The fifth National Park is Waterton, which lies farther south, along the international boundary. The World Heritage site also includes three British Columbia Provincial Parks that adjoin the four National Parks: Hamber, Mount Assiniboine and Mount Robson. Together, all these National and Provincial Parks were declared a single UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 for the unique Mountain Landscapes found there, comprising peaks, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves as well as fossils (e.g. the Burgess Shale, once a World Heritage Site in its own right, is now part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site). Numerous other provincial parks are located in the Canadian Rockies.

Activities in the Canadian Rockies

Be active and explore these "never ending", natural playgrounds:

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Canadian Rockies Destinations

Sports and Adventure Destinations in the Canadian Rockies Kootenay Sportregion such as Revelstoke, Radium, Fernie, Invermere, Kimberley, Nakusp, Nelson Rossland and Golden are authentic Canadian, natural towns and a unique opportunity to visit while exploring the Canadian Rockies.

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Sport Destinations

Many small and larger towns in the Kootenays offer recreation, activities, hospitality comfort and impressive nature scenes that you will not forget. Read more about these fascinating places in the Canada sports region: