National Parks of the Kootenays, Canada


Hiking, climbing, rafting, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking, guided cave Tours, enjoy waterfalls, mountain lakes, natural thermal pools, and many great views of the Canadian mountains is offered here in the many national parks in the region. Here in the Kootenays you can choose from everything. To plunge into the fascinating Canadian backcountry you can be guided on multi days or one-day tours.

Glacier National Park: with an area of 1,349 square km and over 420 glaciers is a true paradise. The Park is located in the Selkirk Mountain range, near the town of Revelstoke.

Mount Revelstoke National Park: 260 square km. "Clachnacudainn Icefield"; the huge Icefield covers almost the entire Park. The Park is located in the Selkirk Mountain range and is only briefly from Revelstoke.

Yoho National Park: 1,313 square km is located in the Rocky Mountains. Yoho is a native name of the Cree Nation and means as much as impressive. The famous "Takakkaw" waterfall (254 m) is located in the Yoho National Park. The Park is adjacent to Banff National Park.

Kootenay National Park: 1,406 square km. The Park is located in the Rocky Mountains and can be admired on the trip from Calgary to the sports region. Radium is located at the west end of the Park. After an adventurous day in the Park relax at the natural thermal pools located in beautiful Radium.

Many other parks (province of British Columbia Park), are here in the Kootenay sports region, among others:

Bugaboo Park is located 20 minutes north of Radium.

Columbia Lake Park, located in Canal Flats at the southern end of one of the most photographed lakes in Canada; the Columbia Lake.

Kokanee Glacier Park, located 20 minutes south of Nelson.

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Sport Destinations

Many small and larger towns in the Kootenays offer recreation, activities, hospitality comfort and impressive nature scenes that you will not forget. Read more about these fascinating places in the Canada sports region: